7 big time Struggles Of Being Hot And Single At The Same Time

You are hot? Oh great!! You are single? Great!!! You are hot and single? Oh no!!! Trust me, being hot and single at the same time is just so full of struggles. If you ask me, it surely makes me feel like I have committed some crime and for that I am answerable each freaking day.
It’s like either you are explaining to people all the time about why still single or people are busy making assumptions about you. DAMN!!! 
Aren’t we women like, what the hell? Why can’t I be single and hot at the same time?
Here’s a list of struggles women who are hot yet single face all the time-

1. No one believes that you are single


No matter how many times you tell people around you that you are single and there’s no one, like noooo one whom you are dating, people don’t believe you. They act, as if with every single time they ask you the same question, your answer might change gradually because you know what? For them this is too hard to believe.

2. Your friends keep on trying to hook you up with someone or the other

Kill me

Why oh baby why not mingle? Let me talk to my friend for you. He’s a great guy, just meet him once no? Seems like your friends go crazy and they suddenly get some incurable kind of indigestion trouble which can only be cured after they set you up with someone. Ughh!! Aren’t we like, hey get a life!!! I am happy as I am.