7 Awesome Things That Happen When You Marry Out Of Your Caste/Religion!!

Inter-caste marriage? Ohh I just got into the flashbacks of the movie “Two States”. Didn’t you? Oh come on stop humming “Offo” for now. 😀
Well marrying out of your own caste/religion has somehow been a big taboo in India but then with time things have become a little better. No matter how complicated things seem when it comes to deciding to marry someone out of your caste, there’s a great magic about winning that inter-caste battle too? That feeling of YES THEY AGREED!!! (They here meant parents and relatives of course) :p
Here’s a list of super awesome things that will happen if you marry someone outside your caste/religion-

1. Different venues and different costumes

Vicky Donor

Ahhh that’s super awesome I tell you. Inter-caste/religion marriages are all about those experimental costumes and those new venues that you opt for to get married. Remember vicky donor? The punjabi and Bong love? Super fun and so much of experiments. Who can forget the scene where Bongs get drunk and dance on RUM RUM RUM RUM oh whiskey!!!

2. You both become smarter and tolerant

2 states

Well if we talk about India, convincing parents and that whole lot of relatives is a big-time exercise. So much of effort, work and JUGAADS are needed to work things out you know? So best part about all this crap is that you become much smarter and tolerant in response to life and the various ups and downs.