6 Things That A Man Should Never Tell A Woman

Relationships are a beautiful part of life, aren’t they? Falling in love, staying in it, growing in love and making sure that you put in all efforts to keep you special someone happy. Men are less expressive than women but then there are times when men do end up getting very straight-forward in their approach and that’s exactly when they end up spoiling their relationships with women. There’s stuff you should never do, stuff you should never tell a woman, wondering what?
Let us know the 6 things a man should never tell a woman-

1. How many men have you dated before?

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Now remember the fact that no matter how much straight forward kind of man you are but asking a woman about her past relationships that too in terms of NUMBERS. Dude that’s a big no no! Women tend to get big time pissed off when you ask them about number of men she has dated. It’s a turn off for her, remember that.

2. Give me your password# never say that to a woman

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Every woman expects her man to trust her and somehow the biggest mistake today’s generation men do is being suspicious about woman’s social media and her phone. Asking a woman her passwords surely offends her, you need to know that. Respect her individuality and have faith.

3. Can I kiss you?

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This is a big turn off for a woman, trust me on this dude. This “can I kiss you?” question is a complete mood killer. Just go for it. Just in case she doesn’t want to kiss, she would probably push back but stating the answer for a question like this in a yes/no is surely weird.