6 Hormonal Changes Husband Share From Their Wive's Pregnancy Symptoms. New Study Proves

Expecting parents have to spend the 9 months of their lives in complete horror. After all, the thought of becoming a parent soon can bring out the worst in any person. The sleepless nights, rapid mood swings, the uncomfortable feeling of panic and paranoia are enough to make any sane person appear insane.
And don’t take my word for it. Many parents who have experienced this stress of upcoming parenthood would agree with this.
And for all the soon to be dads , it is understandable for your wife to show signs of unpredictable and erratic behavior such as mood swings, swollen feet, impulse cravings and insomnia, what’s your excuse for acting exactly like your wives ?
Yes, 90% of men report sharing the uneasy and upsetting pregnancy symptoms of their pregnant wives.
And there is a medical term for it too known as the Couvade syndrome ( french for ” we’re pregnant “).
Here are a few ways your wife’s pregnancy is being transferred to your health and behavior.

1. Increased anxiety

Women are not the only one who can’t chill during these times, even the coolest dudes would admit to the fact that the pressure of the situation can be quite scary. The stress of a baby on the way can make any man to feel nervous, anxious and tense.
The solution : Supporting your partner even more in this situation will relieve your tension by making you feel more in control of the situation.



2. Nausea

A nauseated stomach and morning sickness is not exclusive to women during pregnancy, men may also feel uneasy when it comes to their stomachs. But rather than blaming the hormone, Estrogen, which is responsible for an uneasy stomach in women , the real culprit is a severe case of anxiety attacks that men experience.
The solution : Eat right, exercise well and always make sure to share what’s bothering you with your partner or a friend.