5 Super Cool Ways To Escape A Blind Date

Going out for a blind date surely adds spice to your life. But, what if you get stuck with a wrong person or you feel the blind date is going wrong? Obviously, you have to have ready plans to escape the date. However, you need to do it in a style that it never hurts the emotion of the person on the other side. Here are 5 innovative ideas that would enable you to escape from a wrong blind date.

“My grandmother is sick and I need to rush to her”

Escape a blind date
Kim Kardashian

How about lying an emergency situation at home? This one excuse always works and is taken to be serious. “Gradma is serious and I need to rush to visit her”. Just try this one sentence, and you are saved from a boring date. The family emergency issue is one lie that magically appears to be genuine.

“My best friend had a break-up and she needs me”

Run out of blind dates
Jim Carrey

Telling your date partner that your best friend is in urgent need of you might help you end the date mid-way. Instead of disappointing your partner, he or she might fall in love with your sacrificing and helping attitude. Beware! And lie aptly so that you don’t have to end up meeting in another horrifying date with the same person.

“I am not feeling well. I want to go home”

Escape a blind date by acting sick
Sick girl

“I am really feeling sick and unwell”. How about using such a line and escaping the date. In fact, this line won’t be totally wrong if you have ended with the wrong person on a date. Portraying about your own ill health seems to be the perfect escape route for a boring blind date.

“My pet is starving. She is really hungry”

Lie to escape a blind date
Steve Martin

You can use such a sentence if you are confirmed that you don’t want to date the persony ever in your life. This might not sound genuine and the other person will be smart enough to get the hint. However, you can give it a shot in one such nasty situation.

Say, “I need to go to the restroom” and then jump out of the bathroom window

Run out of a bad blind date
Girl climbing out of window

If you find no other way to escape the blind date, try this option out. Have you ever noticed that almost every restaurant offers a big bathroom window and conveniently soft ground outside?Do the officials do it intentionally to give you the chance to run away from your blind date?
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