5 Amazing And Mind Blowing Things You Can Do With The Empty Plastic Bottles

Making best out of waste is not something all may do. You are creative and you do not like to throw things away. But! What about those pet bottles! Did you wonder about how wonderfully they may be modified and used- read further to know more about it.
There are various ways in which you may use those unused plastic bottles. Some are mentioned below:-
A- Pencil case
1- Take two plastic bottles of 500 ml each. Similar looking are the best.
2- With a pair of scissors, cut circularly, four inches from bottom of one bottle
3- Take the other bottle and cut four inches from top- circularly
4- Take a zip. Paste one side of the cloth part with the help of hot glue on edge of one bottle.
5- Let it rest for about a minute
6- Now apply hot glue on the other side of the zip, on the cloth area and paste the same on the edge of the other bottle
7- Let it rest again
Your pencil case is ready to use. Cheers!