This List Of 25 Dead Celebrities And Their Final Words Will Haunt You Forever

Death is the only certainty we all have in life. We all have to die some day, but not all of us have something substantial to say as we lie on our death bed now, do we ?
Today we look at 25 of the greatest people to have ever lived among us and their final words that they shared with the world.
Haunting, emotional, moving are just a few emotions that can be used to describe the feelings they will evoke in your heart and soul.

1. Micheal Jackson “More Milk”

The milk is in fact a reference to propofol, a powerful anesthetic that Micheal had overdosed on the day he died. News of his death spread quickly soon after and websites such as Twitter, Google and Wikipedia suffered a crash due to user overload.

Final Words By Celebrities
Final Words By Celebrities