India Smiling ! Heartwarming Photos To Change The Way You'll View Strangers Forever.

Smile is the happiness you’ll find right under the nose Tom Wilson
Smile. A simple facial expression we make when we are happy or in a peaceful state of mind. Yet a smile is a lot more than just a wave of positive emotions. Something similar along the lines was discovered by Mumbai based photographer Jay Weinstein who had a creative epiphany while he was on a trip to Bikaner, India.
What he found that day on that trip was the incredible and almost magical power of a smile that is seldom recognized by us in our daily life.
Whilst travelling to Bikaner, he noticed a man who appeared too intimidating to approach for a quick snap. Later on, the person himself willingly approached Jay for taking his photo saying,” Take my picture too”
And as Jay said the magic words “Smile”, the man’s face radiated warmth, his eyes sparkled with humor he had completely missed. Even his posture softened. That was when he knew exactly what his next project was going to be.
So, he decided to document the effects of human smile on a stranger’s face. For this he began to approach strangers and ask random strangers to pose with a unsmiling face and a smiling face.
No names, no occupations, no caste or religion, just a concept. And a amazing concept at that.
Far more than just a art project taken up on the photographer’s whim, the documented collection of photographs form a journey in itself. A journey into the human mind and the way unfamiliarity and a certain unease with unfamiliar faces can be transformed into an instant liking and friendship.

Smile please !

Juhu, Mumbai, India

A turbaned Sardar Ji with the smile that is worth a thousand words.

So I Asked Them To Smile
So I Asked Them To Smile