25 Weird Things You Do, Without Realizing Others Do Too

The term weird refers to a tendency or a trait that is considered to be out of ordinary. Something that does not fit to the established norms or rules of the society.
Being weird is considered to be an undesirable trait by most, even looked down upon by society. So much so, that we often find oursleves struggling to come to terms to our own personality and behaviour.
But you know what’s even weirder than being weird ? Thinking that you’re the only one with the weird gene in your DNA. ‘Cause I have some news for you. The things you take to be part of your personality are not unique to you alone. You are not special in any way. Get used to it.
Still don’t believe me ? Go on, find out for yourself.

Feeling relieved when you return home and nobody else is there

25 Things You Never Realized Others Do As Well
25 Things You Never Realized Others Do As Well