Power Of The Mind : 20 Everyday Examples Of Things We All Do Without Realizing.

They say that the human mind can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. And one brain is all we get in this lifetime. No replacements. And unfortunately we all get screwed by our mind over and over again in life.
And sometimes our brain don’t even need our permission to perform certain actions. Sounds scary does it ?
Whether it is blinking, shivering or even messing up our memories, here are 20 things that your mind does without your help.

1. It Filters Information( Without Us Realizing )

Do you remember what happened while you were driving on your way to work ? Or the color of sock you put on in the morning ? If you are alike the majority of the human population, chances are you have no idea. Isn’t it weird that your mind sees all this information and yet chooses to ignore it ? What if you need that information later on ?
This process known as selective attention,  is what helps you to focus on only the important stuff in your day while leaving out the rest. You heard it right, now you can blame your inattention and absent mindedness to your DNA.

Weird things our mind does
Weird things our mind does