These 25 People Are Warning Signs That The Future Of Mankind Is Doomed !

Human beings have been around for like a few hundred thousand years on earth. Right ? In our time on this earth, we have emerged as the most dominant and advanced specie on the planet( both culturally and technologically ). And the weird part is that, on one hand, we find man on the man, reaching out to the stars and what not.
And on the other hand, there are people like this. People who stand at the complete opposite end of what I’m talking about. Oh, you’ll know exactly what I’m saying as soon as you read the first entry on the list.
And by the time you are done reading the entire article, we’re sure that you’ll start having severe doubts about the survival of our species as well.

Because, Signs Had To Be Made From Stopping People From Doing This

Humanity Is Doomed
Humanity Is Doomed