25 Odd And Disgusting Marriage Ceremonies That Are Totally Weird To Believe

All around the world, in every country, no matter how backward or primitive, if there’s one thing that is common to them all, it’s marriage. The act of marriage is considered to be a spiritual process where two individuals come together to spend the rest of their lives together.
Of course, different cultures have different traditions and customs involved in the act itself, there are some people who have somewhat odd or disgusting ceremonies for this special occasion.
Here are 25 countries who have a slightly odd approach regarding the process.

1. Blackening Of The Bride

In some parts of Scotland, locals still hold the belief that in order to prepare a women for marriage and all hardships that come along it, she must go through a ritual. A ritual in which she is sprayed with any blackish liquid that her relatives can get their hands on.

Weird Marriage Rituals
Weird Marriage Rituals