25 Most Deadly And Shocking Virus Mutations In History

Viruses are the tiniest agent that causes probably the deadliest threat to the mankind. The alien to a human body a virus becomes disastrous because of its contagious nature. Mostly every type of virus can easily spread from one man to another and infect the entire humankind in no time. It takes the name loan from a vīrus which means “poison”, a word enough to explain the noxious effects of this microorganism. Here are 25 most deadly virus mutations in history that left the mankind in a state of complete loss:

1.Zika Virus

This is the latest virus type affecting people. It causes a low fever, conjunctivitis, a rash and joint pain. The rash usually incepts from the face and spreads to the entire body. There are high chances of a pregnant woman infecting the fetus in the womb. This gives birth to microcephaly; where the child is born with a smaller head than normal.