25 Chilling Photographs From History That Hide A Frightening Secret

Ever since the invention of photography, the world has been amazed with the glorious things it has to show us. Sights that we never thought existed and could only dream of seeing in our lifetime. And while it has become a indispensable part of our life, there are certain images that have been long ignored by us. Images that bear paranormal and mysterious themes.
And in case you think that most of these photos are fake, I’m afraid you are going to be disappointed. Because, most of these photos were taken way before editing tools such as Photoshop were in existence. And through countless examination and checks, specialists believe that they are in fact genuine in nature.
From ghosts to UFO’s, these are the 25 most mysterious photos to have been taken. 

1. Sea Monster On Hook Island

This photo dates back to 1964 and was captured by French photographer, Robert Serrec, on his voyage to Queensland, Australia. On first look, it appears that there is a giant sea creature resting on the sea floor, while some people think that it’s just a tarp that happens to look like a monster. Whatever may be the case, no logical explanation of the photo has been found to this day.

Creepy Photos That Have No Explanations
Creepy Photos That Have No Explanations