25 Amazing DIY Gifts You Should Gift People And They Will Actually Use Them !

We are the generation of talented people and love to show off our talents whenever possible. And whenever it comes to gifting a DIY gift to someone; the pleasure of seeing the smile on the face of the recipient doesn’t know any boundaries.
It is the most awesome feeling when somebody appreciates your gift and the efforts you put in making it.
The instructions videos for all the below mentioned gifts is available on youtube.
If you too wish to gift your near and dear ones a gift that not only makes the recipient happy but also receives lots of appreciation here are some awesome ideas for you all:

1.Marbled Clay Ring Dish

Marbled Clay Ring Dish
Easy to make this is the perfect gift to present to anybody from male to female. You can make this gift from some clay and acrylic colors. Choose your favorite color and paint a marbled Clay ring dish to gift away.