23 Hilarious Misconceptions Kids Had About $exual Intercourse And Now They Have To Face The Reality .

Misconceptions About Intercourse is one thing that we all as kids had, thanks to our curious little brains and the limited information we were exposed to. Remember how everyone in the television room used to get uncomfortable as soon as any “Chipku” scene used to pop-up on our screens? Our parents usually switched channels or made us get the not so needed glass of water.
As natural as it is, we were bound to think of it as a sacred little secret, but it had an impact on our tiny little system. Didn’t it? Have you never jumped to your own hilarious conclusions and now when you know the truth, it makes you laugh your belly sore.

Misconceptions About Intercourse, 24 Hilarious Confessions

I Used To Think That $ex Involved Kissing. I was scared out of my mind when I found the truth.

Romantic Kissing
Romantic Kissing