24 Body Parts Which Are Too Lazy To Do Anything, But Chose To Stay With Us

Humans, one of the most evolved species on planet Earth. Top of the food chain. Yet, evolution keeps reminding us of our basic form of evolution in the form of useless body parts that are still a part of our structure. While most of these body parts may have been vital for our survival in the past (way back in time!), they are completely unnecessary today. We have compiled a list of 24 useless body parts that are still coded by our genetic structure.

Useless Human Body Parts
The Roadmap of Human Body Evolution

24. Adenoids, One of the Useless Body Part

Adenoids are tissue lumps found at the back of the nose. They filter out the bacteria and viruses. Only when you are a kid! Yes, once you grow up they shrink and become completely useless.

Useless Human Body Parts
Adenoid is Just a Mass of Lymphoid Tissue