20 Tattoos Covering Scars, Each With A Heart Touching Story To Share.

People get a tattoo for various reasons, whether it is to express yourself through the medium of ink, or to imprint something close to your heart on your body.
But sometimes, people do it for a completely opposite reason ie. to hide something they no longer want to remember.
Some of these people have had scars from medical surgeries that they wished to cover, while some created these scars themselves ( self harm).
Whatever the case may be, their tattoos are a symbol of strength and overcoming their demons and start over.

Blooming Flowers To Cover Up Self Harm Scars

Her grandfather abused her $exually ever since she was a small child. And since then, she felt that her body was not hers, like it did not belong to her. Feeling disconnected from one’s own body and relapsing on and off again, she decided to plant something beautiful where something hideous once used to be.

Tattoo Covering Scars
Tattoo Covering Scars