20 Hazardous Effects Of Human Deeds Which Is Causing Earth To Approach Its END

The Increasing pollution is a major concern across globe. Pollution is not only deteriorating our natural system but also effecting our lives. Air, Water, Noise and Land are the types of pollution which alters even the ecosystem. There are places which are taking strict measures to keep a check on pollution however, on the other side some are unable to do so.
Our scenic beauty, water bodies, landscapes and so on have lost their appeal. All of it are undergoing dreadful consequences which are caused by pollution. The hazardous effects of pollution which have deteriorated our natural system and our living can be visualized underneath.

1. Java Waves Turning Into Trash

The Java waves in Indonesia is no longer a clear water area rather it is a home to debris. The once known pristine and crystal clear waves is now extremely polluted.