20 Everyday Items You Never Knew Even Had A Name

Many of us like to think that our English is more than just good. That we have finally solved the puzzle known as the English language.
But the more we learn about it, the more complicated and problematic it becomes.
Fore example,  What is the English word for the area between the eyebrows ?
Think about it . Any guesses ? No ?
I thought so.
But we don’t blame you. There is a long list of everyday items that surprisingly have a name.
Like the time when you had a tiny amount of paste left in the tube and upon squeezing real hard, a tiny amount flows out. 
Did you know they had a name for it too ?
Find out the names of more such interesting common things and events.

Take care of your Lunule Ladies.

Nail part

Something to tell your friends over the next Pizza party.

Pizza box

I always wanted to know about this.


Now that’s a cool name.


Something to enhance your knowledge.