20 Craziest Harry Potter Theories That Will Change The Way You View The Series Forever.

By next year, two decades would have passed since the phenomenon known as Harry Potter franchise made it’s first appearance in the literary world, with Sorcerer’s Stone being the first one to be published in 1997.
We have seen our beloved characters grow up right before our eyes, and yet there are so many things that slipped right through our eyes. Like did you ever, ever consider the logical possibility of all of J.K Rowling being an actual wizard and Dumbledore being death himself ?
Well, thank god that we have these guys there to clear things for us.

1. What if none of the things suggested In the books ever happened ?

This theory is quite depressing on it’s own, because it portrays Harry as a crazy lunatic, rather than the hero we take him to be . It suggests that in reality, all the stuff about Hogwarts and the magical kingdom, and Voldemort is merely a imagination in Harry’s mind.
Since we know Harry to be mistreated and subjected to great lengths of cruelty by his aunt and uncle, it could be a result of a starvation fueled hallucination.
Even J.K Rowling thinks that it fits perfectly to the books. But we’re sure that it is not the case. Right guys ?

Harry Potter Theories
Harry Potter Theories