20 Bizarre Non-Vegetarian Cuisines You'll Never Prefer To Eat Even Though You Are A Meat Eater

Virginia Woolf once said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”
FOOD is exactly that to us, its the ultimate reason for our existence, responsible for our daily existence. But what if, the food that we eat completely changes the idea of satiation and the resultant desire. What if, food connoisseurs take art to an altogether different arena.
You would be flabbergasted to know, that some of the food artists or enthusiasts have done something bizarre. They have included some really unconventional items in their food itinerary.
Would you like to know some of those bizarre cuisines?
We, at stories of world, are here to tell you those strange tales. Here are 20 such unusual cuisines that the world loves to binge on:
1. Sannakji- A Raw Korean cuisine is made of Live Octopus
2. Yin Yang Fish is an interesting name of dish in which the fish is both alive as well as dead. The fish is deep fried yet it remains alive.
3. Witchetty Grub is an Australian dish made of large, white larvae of moths.