18 Funniest Lies Every Indian Girl Makes – I Bet You've Heard Them!!


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It is never easy growing up in the Indian society. It comes with its own challenges and repercussions. Same applies to our complicated better halves (woman it is). Here are the most common and conveniently used lies that girls use in various social situations. Scroll down, you won’t stop giggling. (No offence girls, no offence)

1.  I don’t check other people’s Facebook account .. puff !!

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That is the most common lie. Even if she leads you to believe she does not seem to care, she might be 3 time more vigilant than the normal people !! Maybe that is how women are, can’t change that !!

2. Did ya mean cooking ?? Name it, I’ll frame it !

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Maybe our culture demands young girls to kinda know it all. It is one very common lie. She might pretend like a know it all (after all it will increase her chances of getting married to a great NRI groom) but the truth remains she might not be as good as she wants her groom’s parents to believe ! ( haha )

3. I don’t care what she thinks , huh !!

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Okay maybe, most of you would easily fall for this one. When it comes to women, they can beat Sherlock Holmes when it comes to spying of what someone did or said behind their back. So beware and better not mess with them because they would find it out and that mean girl or even guy sometimes would be in a great mess.