Look at all the fashionistas on Instagram. Us regular people often try to aspire to be like them and emulate their style. To make dressing up and looking fashionable easy peasy, we bring to you sixteen dressing hacks!

1. Tuck In Shirt

Don’t tuck in your shirt haphazardly with wrinkles showing near your waistline. Once you tuck in your shirt in the front and back, roll your thumbs front to back to ensure that there are no creases.



2. Fold Up Your Sleeves

Whether it is too hot, you need to get down and dirty at work or even if you are simply trying to go for a casual look, rolled up sleeves should not be messy. Fold it halfway and then fold it again for a proper look.



3. Sari Borders

Short people’s problems are never ending. When it comes to wearing a sari, ensure that you wear saris with small or no borders, to give the illusion of more height.