16 Ordinary Things That We Do Today That Were Considered To Be A Taboo 40 Years Ago.

How many times have you heard an elderly gentleman starting his conversation with ” You know, back in our time, things used to be different. And a lot better than the way things are these days ?”
And we just pretend like we’re listening to what they’re saying, while being busy in our phones and laptops.
But they were right all along. There are several things that we see as ordinary and usual, but were looked down as weird or unacceptable in the past.
Some of these things given below will make you go, “Wow, I’m glad we’ve come a long way from that ! “

1. Women Couldn’t Wear Pants To School

Women who attended junior high and high school in the 1960’s would confirm this fact for you that they were not allowed to wear pants while they were in school. And in case they had to for some reason, they had to get prior permission !!

16 Things That Were Taboo 40 Years Back
16 Things That Were Taboo 40 Years Back