15 Ways Drinking A Glass Of Lemon Water Every Morning Effect Your Health


lemon water in the morning

A warm glass of lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach can do wonders to you and your body. Lemons are rich in Vitamins B, antioxidants, flavonoids, potassium, phosphorus, volatile oils which make them an ideal food to start your day with. Apart from these vitamins and minerals, lemons anti-bacterial, antiviral and immune-building properties which fight many health conditions and keep you healthy.


Boosts Your Immunity

 With the growing population we have got the ever growing pollution as a bonus. Our bodies are filled with toxins and our we need to have a strong immune system. Vitamin C is the main element in Lemon. A Glass of warm lemon water in the morning helps in boosting the immune system.

Prevents Wrinkles and Acnes

You can rub a slice of lemon on your face to get rid of those stubborn acnes. Lemons help metabolize the acidic state of the body which help prevent acne breakouts. Regular use will also ensure reduced wrinkles on the face.

Reduces Knee Pain and Inflammation

lemon water in the morning

Lemon reduces pain and inflammation on joints and knees by dissolving uric acid.