15 Strange Allergies That Might Leave You Speechless. #15 Is Shocking

Who likes allergies? As a matter of fact, who even like those people having some sort of allergy? Though the latter might not be true but the fact that allergies ask for extra demand and care irritate the hell out of anyone. So in a way, allergies and allergic people are usually either frowned upon, or are pitied upon for their condition. But have you ever wondered the different kinds of allergies that usually exist out there? Are all of these so common? Or are there a few unusual allergies as well?
Well, in this case, the latter is actually true. Here are a few of the most unusual allergies that have been found in people out there.


Food and Drinks

Being a foodie, even hearing about such an allergy is giving me a hard time, but nonetheless, such kind of allergy does exist. Though EXTREMELY rare, there are people who are hypersensitive to almost all kinds of food and drinks and survive just on water. Ulcers and severe pain follows if anything other than water is consumed, and the nutrients are directly injected into the stomach.


The previous allergy had an exception of water but it seems that this one specializes in it. Known as aquagenic urticaria, this allergy causes formation of hives and rashes when the allergic person’s body comes in any sort of contact with water. A weird and unusual allergy indeed!