15 Powerful Pics Of Children Over The World Posing With Their Most Prized Possessions.

It took Italian photographer, Gabriele Galimberti, 18 months and trips to 58 different countries to complete his much acclaimed project, Toy Stories : Photos Of Children With Their Favorite Things. And if there’s anything we learn from this project it is the fact that kids, irrespective of where they live or what race or religion they are born into, are in fact the same. And as you’ll find out for yourself below, they all share a mutual love and affection for their toys.
The project and the given photos are eye-opening to say the least , and goes far beyond the ideas of economic equality, human emotions and life in different countries. 

1.Tangawizi, Keekorok, Kenya

Galimberti’s method of gaining their trust was the simple. He approached them in a friendly manner and asking if he could play with them, and that way he could get them to be part of his project. Plus, he always had his phone with him, so he could show them photos of other kids to persuade them.

Children With Their Prized Possessions
Children With Their Prized Possessions