15 Pictures Of Smiling Animals That Will Just Make Your Day!!

Animals are much more expressive than they seem to be. Though these beautiful creatures are usually recognized with the constant stern look on their face, but they secretly behold much more than that. And when these animals stretch their facial muscles, the whole world just gets fine. It still can’t be said that these creatures express their joy with smile, but nevertheless, the expressions does give away a positive vibe. At times, the aforementioned positive vibe is actually a sign for the other person to get away and protect themselves, as a few animals use such expressions in order to portray submission or rage, but most of the times, it is positive.
Here are a few animals smiling for you, which will surely cheer you up!

15. I am FUZZY!!

boredpandaImage Source: boredpanda.com

14. Haha! I will kill you!

boredpanda3Image Source: boredpanda.com

13. Run Forest! Run!

amazing-creature.blogspotImage Source: amazing-creature.blogspot.com

12. I love nature!!

boredpanda Andrea ZampattiImage Source: boredpanda.com

11. Dude! You scratch real good!

cute-smiling-animals-9Image Source: boredpanda.com

10. Please don’t eat me!

wherecoolthingshappenImage Source: wherecoolthingshappen.com

9. Because I am happy!!

cute-smiling-animals-12Image Source: boredpanda.com

8. Hey !How you doin’? 

cute-smiling-animals-17Image Source: boredpanda.com

7. Pet me! I am cute

turtlehurtledImage Source: turtlehurtled.com


cute-smiling-animals-20Image Source: boredpanda.com

5. You crack me up real good, master!

cute-smiling-animals-22Image Source: boredpanda.com

4. I sleep during daytime!! 😀

mnn1Image Source: mnn.com

3. This is comfy!

cute-smiling-animals-31Image Source: boredpanda.com

2. I’m gonna run to you!

cute-smiling-animals-34Image Source: boredpanda.com

1. Greetings! Welcome!

mnnImage Source: mnn.com