15 Legendary And Heroic Indian Women Who Deserve A Big Salute From All Of Us.

There is a social stigma attached to women, which considers them as the weaker $ex in a society. This gender bias has been at the root of crimes and discrimination against a country’s female population. For centuries, society has oppressed women and labelled them as feeble and weak, but the same can not be said about the women in this list.
On the contrary, these women do not care about the society’s expectation as to what women can do and can’t do. In fact, society’s expectations have never stopped these women from doing what they think is right.
Being an inspiration to millions of young women across the nation, these 15 women have risen up to the status of legends over all these years.

1. Kiran Bedi, Police Officer

As the first female IPS officer of the nation, Kiran Bedi completely changed the social stigma attached to what a woman can and can not do.To understand how committed she was to her duty, just know that she might be the only police officer to give the then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi a traffic ticket.

Wonder Women Of India
Wonder Women Of India