15 Important Things Every Woman Must Have In Her Handbag.

We women!!! Phew!! It takes so much for we women to stay fresh, classy and fab all day long, isn’t it? Those urgent meetings, those sudden movies with friends plans, those surprise date plans, there so much of it that we gotta deal with no? From college to corporate, from days outs to night outs, from travelling to parties, small tiny stuff that we carry in our handbags is something that keeps us going right? Without the extra drama and hustle of course. We carry our world in that handbag, like really!!! 😀
Here’s a smart list of 15 things every woman must have in her handbag-

1. Hand Sanitizer


Now that’s a total must-have honey. Having a hand sanitizer in this era full of pollution and germs is like carrying a little saviour in your handbag all the time. So keep one in your bag right now just in case it isn’t there and be germ free. 🙂

2. Sanitary napkins


Just hide away one or two sanitary napkins in some hidden pockets or zippers in your handbag. You can use them in case of an emergency and also give them to someone in need in a similar urgency.

3. Hair bands/clutchers

Tying hair

When your hair are a total mess and you just are too pissed to stand them on your face anymore, that’s when those extra hair bands and clutchers come to the rescue. Let these saviours stay in your bag always. 😀