15 Easy Ways To Cook Eggs !!

These are the easiest ways to cook eggs. Eggs are an incredible source of food. They are not just healthy and nutritious, but the simplest ingredient that can be incorporated in different recipes. This magical ingredient can be made in different ways such as omelets, scrambles, and frittatas. Yes, we know eggshells may appear to be delicate darlings, but they are definitely tricky and a hard nut to crack right. You can’t appear too much or too less pressure when cracking an egg. And Oh, God! The struggle to get the shells off a hardboiled egg! You won’t believe these 15 bizarre egg tricks you should give a try discussed below. Read on and check out the video to believe in the impossible.

Ways To Cook Eggs #1. Bottoms Up

Who says eggs are easy to break? Try holding the egg between your fingers and palm. Apply pressure to the top and bottom of the egg. The egg will seem impossible to crack. Tough nut to crack, huh! This is the secret of walking over a crate of eggs without breaking a single piece.

Ways To Cook Eggs #2. Blow Out The Egg

I hate peeling the shell of a hard-boiled egg. I have found an incredible new way to blow out a hardboiled egg off its shell. All you need to do is chip off the shell at the top of the egg and at the bottom. Now, blow hard on one end. Voila, your egg will slide out. And remember to keep your hand on the other side of the egg. You don’t want a scrambled boiled egg all over your floor!

Ways To Cook Eggs #3. Scrambled Egg Inside The Shell

We love our eggs scrambled. Just break open an egg, whisk it with some seasonings and cook it over medium flame till it is no longer runny in the pan. That’s old school. We scramble our eggs inside the shell. Just put your egg inside a legging, sock or the long sleeves of a t-shirt. Now, spin the egg 10 to 15 times inside the sock, legging or long sleeve. Have a whale of a time spinning. Now, boil your eggs and peel them. Perfectly scrambled boiled eggs are a real treat, I say.

Ways To Cook Eggs #4. Stand in Attention

Isn’t it hard to make an egg stand straight. Well, not so hard it is. You need to make an egg stand straight and give it support with your fingers. Keep balancing it between your fingers, until you find a spot that says, ‘hold it, I am standing on my own’. You need to keep practicing this trick until you get it right. Egg-astic!

Ways To Cook Eggs #5. Poached and Microwaved

Poached eggs are a treat. But have you tried cooking the perfectly poached egg in the microwave? Well, you need to fill 3/4th of a microwave-safe bowl with water and crack an egg on it. Place the bowl in the microwave for 30 seconds. Once done remove from the microwave. If it still does not feel right, pop it in for another 15 secs or so. Enjoy your microwaved poached eggs.

Ways To Cook Eggs #6. Bottle Up The Yolk

I hate it when recipes ask me to separate the yolk from the egg whites. Things turn messy and I end up mixing the both. Task, I say. Well, this bottle trick I learned will definitely make things easy for you. Just take an empty plastic bottle. Press the sides and place its mouth on the egg yolk. Release the sides of the bottle and the yolk gets sucked right into the bottle. Now, just release the yolk in any container you wish. Easy-pesy.


Ways To Cook Eggs #7. Sunny-side The Right Side

A perfect beginning to a perfect morning by devouring an egg sunny-side up.  You can make the perfect sunny-side up egg by adding a spoonful of butter to your pan. Let it bubble up slightly and break your egg in it. Spread the egg white around and place a lid over the pan. After a few minutes, uncover the lid and get your egg off the heat. There you go, enjoy your perfectly cooked sunny-side up egg.

Ways To Cook Eggs #8. Bake Me An Egg

Can’t imagine cooking eggs in the oven? Well, you can enjoy a hardboiled egg by baking it in the oven. Just pop in as many eggs you wish to cook in the oven. Now, set the oven timer to 325 degrees for 30 minutes. No need to pre-heat your oven. Once done, place the eggs in ice-cold water and break open the shells. Enjoy your hardboiled eggs.

Ways To Cook Eggs #9. Mirror Mirror On The Shell

This bizarre trick will turn your egg into a reflective mirror. Well, almost. Just hold an egg with a pair of tongs and place it over a flame. Keep it on the flame till it does not turn black as soot all over. Allow the egg to cool down after 10 minutes and then drop it into a glass of clear water. The eggshell turns translucent and appears to have a reflective, mirror-like surface.

Ways To Cook Eggs #10. Sunny-side Up in Microwave

If you are getting late and need your egg in a jiffy. Just break open an egg in a microwave safe plate. Use a fork to make a tiny hole in the egg yolk, so that you avoid a yolk-blast in the microwave. Keep the timer at 45 secs and check the egg after it’s done. If you still find it a bit uncooked to your taste, pop it in for a couple of seconds more. Voila, you have poached egg ready in less than a minute.

Ways To Cook Eggs #11. Fresh or Not, Here I Come…

Wondering if your egg is still good to eat? Fill a bowl of water and place your egg in it. Place your egg in the bowl of water. If it stands up straight, means they are still good to eat, but you should definitely not keep it for long. If the egg lays down on its side, means they are fresh as a daisy.

Ways To Cook Eggs #12. Boiled Eggs with Runny Inside

Do you love a soft-boiled egg? Just pop in your eggs in a pan of boiling water. Add a tablespoon of oil and add some salt to the water. Let the eggs boil for egg-actly 5 minutes and remove them from the heat. Place them in ice-cold water for a minute. Now, peel them and enjoy the soft-boiled eggs.

Ways To Cook Eggs #13. Break an Egg with A Hand

Do you want to try to break an egg with one hand like a pro? Just crack the egg on the side of any container. Support the top with your index finger and push the shell down with your thumb. You may have to practice this skill a couple of times before you get it correctly. (Have a look at the demonstration in the video shared at the end of the article.)

Ways To Cook Eggs #14. Scrambled Eggs in Microwave

Okay, we are back to our microwave. Break eggs in a microwave safe bowl. Add your seasonings as per taste. Mix them up well and place them in the microwave for 1 minute. Remove them and fluff it up a bit. Place it back in the microwave for a few seconds and you will have tasty, fluffy scrambled eggs ready to eat.

Ways To Cook Eggs #15. Peeling a Hard-Boiled Egg

Peeling a hard boiled egg is quite a task. This simple trick will make your life quite easy. Just place the egg in a small bowl or glass containing a little water. Place a plate or lid over the top and time for some Zumba. Just shake the egg inside the container for a couple of minutes. Now, remove the egg and all you just have to do is slide the shells off the egg.
ways to cook eggs that are hard boiled
These are unbelievable 15 bizarre egg tricks you should give a try at home. Egg-astic and egg-straordinary, these tricks will definitely add some fun to your daily cooking habits.