15 Disturbing Images Proving Mental Asylums To Be Scarier Than A Horror Movie

Mental health remains as one of the most misunderstood branches of medical sciences to this day. Despite that, we’ve come a long way from the old days when mental health and mental disorders were treated in a completely inhumane way. Medical science may have improved drastically since the 19th century, but looking at these pictures of 18th century mental asylums will make you realize how far we’ve come from those days.
Here are 15 images that depict the horrifying manner life in a mental asylum must have been. 

1. Doctors Used To Use Slapping Machines To Relieve Their Patients From Stress

Though I have a hard time to determine which part about being slapped all over the body is relaxing. That does not change the fact that this technique was  actually used by doctors as a treatment.

Disturbing Images Of Mental Asylums
Disturbing Images Of Mental Asylums