15 Crazy Vending Machines Which Exist And You Will Be Shocked To Know About

When Pervical Everitt invented the vending machine, he had no idea that the great human civilization would dearly misuse it. Here are 14 hilarious vending machines you might encounter at a subway or a mall.

1. Mashed Potato Vending Machine

Yes there has been brains behind this food providing super machine. Not yet famous in India, but mashed potatoes are easily available in European countries. Buy yourself a packet of bread and stuff it with these mashed potatoes and you are ready to indulge in an easy meal.

2. Good luck charm Vending machine

Goodluck charms are like fortune cookies, you not only get a product but an added service of joy. In case of good luck charms, they accessorize you and uplift your mood. These little charms are very popular in Japan, from little girls to office goers they are a favourite of all.

3. Lettuce Vending machine

Who would have imagined raw veggies being sold in a vending machine. But its sold in many European countries. Who knows may be this utility tool arrive here in our country?