15 Controversial Statements By Kangana Ranaut Proving Her To Be Bollywood's Queen

Her name needs no introduction. Whether it is her superb acting skills or her offbeat choice of roles, or the fearless manner she speaks her mind, Kangana Ranaut is admired by millions all over the world.
And I don’t think that it would come off as any surprise, when I say that the actress does not hesitate from speaking her mind even when she’s in public. The world was witness to her more-than-candid statements about her relationship with actor, Hritikh Roshan. In case you missed it, this is what she had to say. In her own words, she said that she, “does not want him to acknowledge their relationship in the public anymore. Nor does she believe in storing sperm panties and gifts as potential evidence for a future, when he is clearly trying to escape or say no“.
Lets take a look at 15 other controversial statements made by the actress. 

1. Kangana describes Rangoon as a cinematic orgasm

Director, Vishal Bharadwaj may have managed to keep the details and the plot of his upcoming movie, Rangoon hidden all this time. The cast has also kept mum every time they were asked regarding the same. But Kangana being the bold and fearless Queen that she is, had an interesting opinion to share. When asked to describe what she feels about the movie, she said that it would be the most beautiful movie ever and probably a cinematic orgasm. Now we’re sure that not everyone would agree with her choice of words, but not everyone has to either.

Controversial Statements By Kangana Ranaut
Controversial Statements By Kangana Ranaut