14 Life Saving Questions Every Modern Woman Should Ask Her Future Husband

Marriage is all about commitment, loyalty and a lifetime togetherness isn’t it? We women have so many thoughts going on in our brains and hearts when it comes to deciding about getting married. After all leaving your family and living with a new family, leaving your last name and making a man’s last name, your last name, leaving a home where you grew to live in a new home where you will create another family. Hard decisions no?
There’s so much that needs to be thought about and there are infinite questions that even keep you sleepless.
Here’s a list of questions every woman wants to ask her would be husband-

1. What are the traits of an ideal wife according to you?

Couple conversation

Isn’t it so important for a woman to know what her future husband is really looking for when it comes to the concept called “Ideal wife”? His mindset about it is surely something that makes us curious isn’t it?

2. What is your concept of marriage?


Now that’s quite obvious. Everyone has a different concept of marriage. Some feel it’s a mere tag thing while some feel it is a spiritual bond. Before marrying you should surely know what’s your future man’s concept of marriage.

3. What are your life goals?


Marriage isn’t a short-term kinda deal. You need to be aware about your future husband’s goals and aspirations and know what he exactly wants in life. You gotta know if those goals are realistic and if they will be any kinda disturbance in your marriage.