12 Really Important Stuff That We Once Made A Great Deal About And Now It Doesn't Matter

Childhood, teenage and adulthood are the phases which we go through once we get into a static phase of our life cycle. By static I do not mean that the life excitement disappears but yes, things for which we burdened ourselves hell lot seems to be abandoned.
So, lets take a ride through 12 major changes which we experience while transforming from teenage to an adult!

1. Who Said To Whom?

The typical gossips are nowhere among the point of interests. Let people do what they want even they have a life and freedom of speech & action, the kind of ‘Oh! they are in a live-in relationship..hawww’ is a BIG NO.

2. Are We In Good Books Or Not?

Ah! we used to be so concerned of what other people think of us, whether we are in good books or not. All such commotion has a wave now. We do not care as to what our friends, colleagues, boss or our neighbor think of us, we do keep our opinion.

3. Judgments

This is the most controversial point. HOW COULD YOU JUDGE ME?? Well! we tend to figure out in this stage that no one can be judged as we aren’t walking in their shoes to judge them neither are they. And If someone judges us, a flying kiss is offered.