10 Year Old Saves Lives From Highway Horror

The heroic story of this Montgomery boy is creating raves across the internet ever since it went viral. 10 year old Christopher Wheeler is one brave child who saved lives from a highway horror while he was travelling with his 70 year old neighbour, Alfred Smith. The 3rd grader was on his way to scrap yard Thursday on Interstate 65 with his old neighbour. In the middle of the highway, the driver was stuck with a diabetic attack. He started losing control of his truck. The old man was swinging in and out of consciousness.

The Shocking Highway Horror

Christopher said that the old man got really sick and began swerving across the road. The man sweating a lot and he was in dire need of a candy in order to normalize his blood sugar levels. It was then that Special Agent Eric Salvador saw the car being dangerously driven between three lanes. Salvador began to chase the car but he was unsuccessful to stop it. The truck hit walls many times and was swaying from here to there. Salvador even tried to start a traffic stop with sirens and lights but the car kept moving. The truck’s bed was full of materials so Salvador was not able to make out that how many people were inside the car.

10 year old saves lives from highway horror
Christopher Wheeler

After going through several traffic signals and running the red light of Walmart the chasing officers saw the vehicle slowing down and ultimately coming to a halt at the side of the road. Salvador’s chase came to an end after 10 miles. Thanks to 10 year old Christopher who very intelligently controlled the whole situation of the highway horror.