Thank God For Beer. 10 Unsaid Rules You Should Know Before Sipping On That Beer.

Etiquette is something people seem to be forgetting these days. Gone are the days when drinking beer was more of a ceremony than just boozing and make a fool out of yourself which most of the folks do these days.
A man should live his life according to a set of rules. Rules are good. They simplify life, they give you direction and add character to your personality.
So here are 10 beer commandments to follow to keep your spirits high at all times.

Get Creative

beer 10

Don’t Be A Jerk Guys. Seriously

beer 09

Don’t Drink Like The World’s Gonna End.

beer 08

No Matter How Drunk, Always Remember This

beer 07

Quality Vs. Quantity

beer 06

Keep Up The Good Mood

beer 01

Learn A Few Tricks

beer 02

Get Adventurous

beer 03

Be Nice To Those Around You

beer 04

And Most Importantly, Have A Good Time

beer 05
And that’s all , guys. Just keep in mind these rules every time you are out drinking and you should be doing just fine. And one more little thing my fellow beer lovers –
Drink Responsibly