10 Types Of Situational $ex Everyone Will Have At Least Once In Their Life

As many 30 somethings will confirm, your 20’s are likely to include plenty of $ex and experimentation. And since this is the decade of exploration, the $ex is going to be anything but similar. $ex in the car, public displays of affection, friends with benefits are somethings most have checked off their list of $exual adventures.
Depending upon your age and experience, here are 10 types of situational $ex you probably have had ( or will have ) at least once in life.

1. Make Up $ex

As you grow older and your relationship progresses, there’s a high chance that you’ll get in some major fights with your significant other. You’ll get extremely mad at your partner for being inattentive or insensitive to your needs. You’ll scream at each other, maybe even cry a little. And then channel all the anger into sexual energy.

Make Up $ex

2. Barter system $ex

Sometimes, you really need help from your partner in doing something. For instance, moving the furniture around house. And sometimes, you derive some pleasure out of it as well. So it’s really a win-win for both of you.

Barter $ex