I Bet You All Will Have These Kind Of People In Your WhatsApp Groups !!

The one who is a vigorous text-er

Source:- gurl.com
Source:- gurl.com

This person is always available, no matter who texts, about what, they will always reply!
Girl1:- Anyone up for shopping, the sale is on!
Girl2:- When?
Girl1:- Evening!
Girl2:- What do you want to buy?
Girl1:- A pair of jeans.
Girl2:- Okay.
Girl1:- Coming?
Girl2:- No, I am not in town! 

The One Who ignores all texts

Source:- fiskaz.com
Source:- fiskaz.com

This person is a VIP and is in the group because of their goodwill. They won’t reply until something interests them. No matter what is happening in the group, even if a person dies in the group, this person will not reply!

The forward message master

Source:- quickmeme.com
Source:- quickmeme.com

These people are nice but hell irritating, they keep forwarding “ghisse-pitte” jokes and messages, even when no one pays attention to their messages. And they are the ones who spread pathetic warning messages which are not authentic.