10 Animals Who Have Saved Human Lives, Who Will Reignite Your Faith In Miracles

3. Baby Saved From Choking By Pet Parrot

Pet owner Meagan was overlooking her roommate’s two year old son the day her pet parrot turned a hero. While stepping away to use the bathroom, Meagan suddenly heard the parrot screaming “Mama!Baby!Mama!Baby”- two words that Meagan wasn’t sure she had ever heard from the parrot before.
Sensing something odd, Meagan immediately rushed to find the toddler choking on something. Due to the timely alert, Meagan was able to save the young boy’s live using the Heimlich technique.

Animals Who Have Saved Human Lives


4. Beagle Saves Dying Owners Life By Dialing 911

Bella is a beagle who dialed 911 when her owner, Kevin suffered from a life threatening seizure. Apparently, dogs like Belle are trained to read their owner’s blood sugar level using their keen sense of smell.
After sensing something wrong with Kevin, Belle automatically bit the number 9 which automatically called 911. And for her role in saving her owner’s life, Belle was awarded VITA Wireless Samaritan Award.

Animals Who Have Saved Human Lives