10 Animals Who Have Saved Human Lives, Who Will Reignite Your Faith In Miracles

Instances of human beings rescuing animals in distress are relatively common. But cases of animals returning the same favor to humans is relatively unheard of. Strangely enough, there have been plenty of cases in the past concerning animals who have saved human lives, without any apparent motive.
What’s even more surprising is the fact that this list not only includes pet animals, but also man eating beasts.

1. Lion Rescues Girl From Kidnappers

In 2005, a 12 year old Kenyan girl was kidnapped from her parents, so that she could be forced into marriage. She was held captive for a week, until the police finally managed to reach her. But instead of being surrounded with captors, the little girl was being protected by three large lions, guarding her.
The sight of three hungry lions approaching them must have made the kidnappers flee the scene, but the girl stayed behind, crying. Forest officials speculate that the lions mistook her cries for that of a baby cub and guarded her like one of their own. 

Animals Who Have Saved Human Lives


2. Gorilla saves a 3 year old boy

When a 3 year old boy accidentally tripped over the railing at the Broofield Zoo, Illinois, he was badly bruised and rendered unconscious. Even though, he survived the fall, there was a bigger threat that awaited the boy and his family. A large gorilla named Binti Jua enclosed in the enclosure approached the boy amidst screams and cries from the boy’s parents and spectators.
However, Binti had no intention of harming the boy, and instead tended to his wounds like he was his own child, and even inspecting the head wound. Zoo officials were later able to enter the enclosure, without facing any resistance from Binti and returned the boy to his parents. 

Animals Who Have Saved Human Lives