Getting Married? You Need To Know These 10 Struggles Of Wearing A Chooda

The chooda is a very famous sign of a newly married Punjabi bride. The colors, the gleaming silver details and the noise of the bangles banging against each other are very distinct. But wearing a chooda brings its own share of good times and difficult times. Every bride goes through these ten phases the moment she dons the beautiful chooda. Despite the challenges, you will never hear a bride say they don’t want to wear a chooda!

1. Chooda And Western Clothes

One of the biggest problems is how to prevent a fashion faux pas while juggling the chooda and western outfits. Most couples usually go on a honeymoon right after marriage, but how do you match shorts or a bikini with your bright red and white chooda?

Chooda 1


2. Bright Colors And Chooda

The chooda sports a very traditional color. You would think that it would match with every traditional outfit. But what about when you’re trying to wear a deep purple or fuchsia pink outfit? Admit it, it is a struggle to try and create an ensemble around your chooda.

chooda 2


3. Forget Sleeping With A Chooda

You want to be comfortable while you’re sleeping. But a chooda is the last thing that will make you comfortable. If your favorite sleeping position involves keeping your head over your hand, it might be time to find a new position. Prepare to wake up with a side of your face tattooed with bangle impressions.

chooda 4


4. The Noise Will Drive You Insane

The khan khan khan seems musical and sweet for the first day or week. It will eventually turn into an annoying noise that never seems to go away. Anything and everything you do that involves moving around your hands will be preceded by this sound.

chooda 3


5. The Poor Husband

The poor thing will have to listen to the noise while falling asleep and wake up to it as the noise works as a great morning alarm. For them, sleeping beside you is an exercise in self-defense. No one wants to wake up with a head wound caused by a chooda.

chooda 5


6. Sweater Struggle

Come winter, newly wed brides will have to struggle to put their arms through a sweater or a coat. Soft delicate woolens might even rip apart along the sleeves. There is no winning in this one for the poor poor bride.

chooda 6


7. Everyone Always Knows What You’re Doing

Arranging your cupboard? Taking a shower? Hugging your hubby? Being Intimate, Everyone in the house will know what you are up to. The noise of the chooda is a dead giveaway that you are up and about and doing something. Till you get to take off your chooda, you will lose your stealth skills.

chooda 7


8. A Brand New Identity

A chooda is the symbol of a new chapter in life. After marriage when a bride wears the beautiful chooda, she takes on a new identity. This set of bangles is a public proclamation that you are now hitched!

chooda 8


 9. Unparalleled Happiness

You should see a new bride’s face every time she looks at her chooda. The happiness and joy will leave you speechless for a moment. The chooda is also a great reminder of the amazing days of your wedding festivities!

chooda 9


10. Unspoken Admiration

New brides are the brand ambassadors of post-wedding fashion. They command respect and admiration once they don the chooda. The chooda is also a reason for admiration as that indicates that the bride has started a brand new life.

chooda 10


Come what may, the bride will never ever let go of the chooda. It is an integral part of her married life!