10 Terrifying And Gross Facts About Medieval Knights

Medieval Knights have always been a fascination for all the women out there. The romantic knights and their alluring and breathtakingly romantic story with the princess cause a modern lady’s heart to melt down with immense emotions. The fascinating rescues and the intimate love encounters are indeed some examples to quote to their boyfriends. But wait here is a revelation for all you lovely ladies; all the rosy things you see in the movies are not what the medieval knights actually were. In fact, a medieval knight might pull the life out of a girl from horror if ask to date her once.  Here are 10 bizarre facts about the Medieval Knights that you will make you run to the woods screaming:

1. Short Height

Short height
Short height

They failed the benchmark description of a handsome hunk; Tall, Dark & Handsome as the medieval knights were really short height. Shocked! Yes, this is the truth that the warriors of their times these Knights were no taller the 146 cms. The average height ranges from 140-150 cms which make the Knights look really petite.


This one is really gross. The medieval knights were really one filthy living thing. You would be surprised to know that there were no bath houses for the Knights and this is the reason they used to bath only thrice in a year. Yes, in a year?? Imagine the sensuous body odor that they might put in your romantic encounter. Lolz!!!