You'll Be Surprised To See The List Of 10 Tallest Women In The World.

God is an amazing creator. He has created us and just have a look, does anyone of us look similar (let go those 7 identical people that may be sharing your face) each one of us is different. While some of us crib for being too short there are a few ladies in the world those hold records for their extraordinary heights. Don’t believe us, have a look on what we present you next:

1.Yao Defen

Yao Defen
Yao Defen is from China and once held the record of being the tallest women alive. Her birth weight was 6 pounds and 2 ounces which is pretty much normal. But when she grew 3 she started eating 3 times a normal kid of her age might eat. At eleven she measures 11 feet 2 inches in height.  By 15 6 feet 9 inches and finally when the record book found her she was 7 feet 8 inches tall. She passed away in 2012 at the age of 40. The reason of her extraordinary height was a tumor which grew on her pituitary gland.

2.Sandy Allen

Sandy Allen
She was born in Chicago in the year 1955. She held the title of being the tallest women on the planet for a good 16 years. She still holds the record of being amongst the top 10 tallest women on the earth. When recorded in the books she was 7 feet 7 inches tall.

3.Malgorzata Dydek

She is a Poland-born professional basketball player who holds the record being the tallest in her profession. She stood at 7 feet 2 inches and plays as the leader of her team. In 2011 she died because of a sudden heart attack. Sadly she was pregnant at that time.