10 Actors Who Have A Voice So Unique That They Can Be Recognised By Their Voice Itself

Most of us watch movies because star cast and the production houses, but there are some people who love their actors so much that they horde the movie theatres just to hear their  deep voices. These artist have turned the world of cinema and most importantly, their voices is as sexy as they are. If you think that there are many actors out there with incredible voice, I would love to jump in by saying, “Ain’t Much”. Yes, you read it right, there are some of your favorite superstars whose voices are loved so much that some of them even got patent for their own vocal cords.

Going down the wire, lets go through these awesome people with magnificent tones.

Alan Rickman


The late actor was known for his roles in Harry Potter series where he featured as Hogward’s famous professor ‘Severus Snape’. Not only Harry Potter but also movies like Die Hard and many others. Alan had one of the best voices in Hollywood. His speech and pronunciation was so good that, even the directors and his co-actors would appreciated him for his speech during the time of shoot.

Morgan Freeman


The academy award winner is also known as narrator and voice actor. This versatile gentleman at 78 is strong with his voice. Such deep is the impact of his voice, that during a T.V. interview he was asked about the secret of his voice.To which he replies, “I yawn a lot, as it relaxes my vocal cord muscles”.