10 Simple Remedies To Get Rid Of Kidney Stones

A kidney stone can be quite dangerous. Not only can it affect your health, it could cost a lot if you do not have an insurance. Ordinarily, it affects ten percent of the U.S. citizens. It is not a big number, but it is rising alarmingly enough. What it shows that people are not taking their health quite seriously. Blame it on their dietary habits or their lifestyle. Its time you took a step to avoid the whole thing.
There is a big gap in what you know and what you ought to know as far as kidney stones are concerned.
First of all, here is a brief explanation offering to explain what a Kidney stone is and what it looks like.

What Is Kidney Stone?

Kidney stones form when their are more crystallizing substance in your body. When you try to pass them as urine, there is a chance of formation of kidney stones. Kidneys being the natural filters, deposit all the solid substrates in it. Slowly these crystals grow in size and take the shape of small pellets, and are hence called stones.

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What Does It Look Like?

They may vary in colour, but most of them are blackish or grayish. They may vary in size. Some of them could be a few microns big while others could be as huge as a two to three millimetres. They are enough to wreak havoc on your urinary system.
When you pass urine, the whole process could be quite painful.
Here are some of the methods that could help you get rid of kidney stones.

Image Source: kidneystones.uchicago.edu

1. Drink lots and lots of water

If you keep on going to the loo, then it is the best way to avoid kidney stones. Have lots and lots of water and stay hydrated. It could cut on the amount of solids you intake. Moreover, you keep on passing urine at short intervals if you take in a lot of water. This will keep the solids in circulation and there will be less deposition in your kidneys. Water is also the universal solvent. Some of these substances could dissolve in water and come out with your urine.

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2. Sound waves are a good remedy for removal

Sound is the best way of operating on small kidney stones. You can get it done medically or you could try it in your own home. This method is surgery free and will remove the stone without much pain. The vibration of the high-energy sound waves will break the stone without hurting it. If you want to try it at home, then you need to apply sound to that area directly or you could sit down in your Jacuzzi and pump the sound into water.

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3. Your Calcium levels should be optimum

There is a common misconception that calcium should not be taken if somebody is suffering from kidney stones. Since most of the kidney stones are calcium deposits, there is a common notion which is doing the rounds. However, expert physicians say this a hoax and one should increase calcium intake because a lower calcium level in the body could increase the possibility of stones in the body.

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4. Say No to red meat

Citrate levels could go down if you are consuming a lot of red meat. Hey, even I love the steaks and the barbecue, but its better to cut down on the quantities. It is better to supply yourself the nourishment with lean version of the meat or you could consume white meat and fish. White meat is basically poultry which consists of less proteins and fats. What red meat does is it increases the level of uric acid in the body and this leads to formation of kidney stones.

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5. Water again – But this time it’s hot water Bottle

Soothe the pain with a hot water bottle. When you experience kidney stones, then you can place a hot water bottle on your stomach or on your lower back. After administering heat in the area of pain you might experience relief for some time.

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6. Light Exercises should do the trick

Don’t sit slack and don’t over-exercise. While under exercising could mean that you are not dispensing the right amount of solid substrates from your body. Over-exercising could lead to less urination and there are more chances of developing stones. So people those who love to hit the gym should take note. But that does not mean you cut back on the exercise. Increase your water intake four-fold.

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7. Lemon Juice And Olive Oil Could Be The Right Medicine For You

When it comes to kidney stones, then there is no greater elixir than olive oil and lemon juice. The best thing about olive oil is that it is healthy and will create no problems in the body. It could lubricate the urinary tract and make the stone’s passage easier. The citric acid and other complex acids in lemon will help to break the stone into smaller fragments. Drink this mixture twice a day until the stone exits the body.

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8. No More Salty Food

Salt is bad for hypertensive patients and also for those who are suffering from kidney stones. Due to excessive levels of salt in the body, there is a biological reaction which releases more calcium in the urine. So do not have more than the prescribed level salt. But that does not mean you start eating sweet food. Keep a lookout on your diet.

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9. Apple Cider Vinegar Could Work Wonders

Time and time again, the benefits of apple cider vinegar have come to the forefront. Mixing cider with raw honey or water and consuming the liquid daily could help you in cleansing your system. Kidney stones can be eliminated effectively with the help of apple cider vinegar. Any existent stones are seeped out with its aid.

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10. Eat Foods That Prevent Formation Of Kidney Stones

Many fruits and vegetables could help in battling the problem of kidney stones. Watermelon, Kidney beans, pomegranates, basil leaves and celery leaves could help you in removal of kidney stones. The nutrients present in it break the stones with the necessary biological processes. Foods with high water content are particularly useful.

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These are some of the ways with which you can naturally fend off kidney stones. Share it with your friends. Also try some of them and tell us if they were effective enough.