10 Signs Your Girlfriend Wants To Be With You Forever And Ever

They say that time changes everything. Things change, people change, relationships change. But the only thing that grows stronger with time is love.
But how do you know that the woman you are with is really the “ONE” ? How do you know she’s in with you for long, and will not walk out at the first sign of trouble ?
While there is no way to accurately predict the future, there are still some signs that a woman gives wants to pursue a long term relationship with you.

1. You can be true self around her

Showing your original self with someone who is not going to judge you is a sure sign of a happy relationship. It’s good to know that you don’t have to act a certain way or fake something to gain their approval. So, if you’re with a girl, who allows you to be your original self without judging you, she’s definitely a keeper.

Signs Of Long Term Relationship

2.  She’s comfortable in every situation

Being in a relationship does not mean being alone with them all the time. This means that you two are bound to spend some time outdoors as well. Family functions, office parties, friends’ outings are some of the events that require your girl to be absolutely comfortable with you.

Signs Of Long Term Relationship