10 Signs Saying You Are Into A One Sided Relationship And It's Not Going To Change

At times you fall in love so deeply that it makes you lose perspective. We keep on getting carried away in that feeling called love that we sometimes don’t even realize that the person for whom we are doing every possible thing is somehow not even near us. The partner for whom we are probably are giving our 100% isn’t even bothered for what we do and have been doing in the course of our relationship.
Sometimes we are so involved loving that we stop realizing that things have probably turned into a one sided relationship.
Here are signs saying you are probably into a one-sided relationship-

1. You can’t rely on them in times of need


Well they are always your priority. It’s like the moment they are in need, you are there for them. Unconditional kinda love you know? But on the contrary whenever you are in need, they are nowhere, just nowhere.

2. Making plans is always your task


Your partner hardly takes an initiative when it comes to making up plans. It’s just you who keeps on working out some or the other plans in regard to meeting or going out somewhere. Isn’t this on sided? Think!!!

3. You feel a loss of comfort zone while sharing things

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It seems like that, now you tend to think twice before sharing stuff with your partner. That loss of comfort zone you know? As if you aren’t sure if he/she will be able to understand or will they end up judging you. Think again if it’s really a healthy relationship?